Need a quote? Pressure tanks, autoclaves, gas tanks
and reactor tanks

Pressure tanks for all kinds of sectors and applications


Pressure tanks for storage of liquids and gases

Pressure tanks, reactor tanks and autoclaves have countless possible applications. When a liquid or gas has to be stored at a different air pressure (overpressure or vacuum) from the atmosphere, a pressure tank is required. We produce pressure tanks for the storage of:

  • Hot water (buffer tanks for the storage of large volumes of hot water)
  • Coolants
  • Nitrogen
  • Propane or LPG
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Steam
  • Compressed air

A pressure tank can not only be used for storage but can also be coupled to a production process. Our engineers accurately carry out all possible heat transfer calculations. We assist you in the design and implementation of stirring and mixing processes, including in an ATEX environment.

Choice of materials and craftsmanship

Craftsmanship and experience play a large role in the production of pressure tanks. We only work with certified welders and we use automated welding processes to the maximum extent possible.

Our internal quality control system guarantees the accurate follow-up of every step in construction. Before the coating is applied, a certified approval body is responsible for carrying out an independent inspection of the pressure tank.

Pressure tanks, reactor tanks, gas tanks and autoclaves are made of adapted carbon steel depending on the technical requirements (P265GH to P355NL2). When making things out of stainless steel, we work with stainless steel 304 to 316 or duplex. All steel is of controlled European origin.

Installation and assembly too?

Customers define how far our services go. Are we only responsible for the engineering, production and delivery or do we also take on responsibility for installation, assembly and connection? Everything is possible.

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