40-tonne pressure vessel for Vattenfall (Nuon) in Amsterdam

Commissioned by Gems Tank-en Apparatenbouw, CTC Tankbouw constructed a 185,000 litre vertical pressure vessel for Dutch energy supplier Vattenfall (formerly Nuon). 

The pressure vessel is 4,500 mm in diameter, is designed to withstand a pressure of +13 barg and is built fully in conformity with EN 13445 and PED 2014/68/EU. The hydrostatic pressure test was performed at +18.6 barg.

Furthermore, the outside of the tank is coated with 2 layers of Sigmatherm 230 (resistant to high temperatures), fitted with 100 mm insulation and clad with smooth aluminium plating.

It is fitted with an access platform at the top level, and a cage ladder in 3 parts, fully conforming to EN 14122 and CE approved.

It will be transported to Amsterdam by boat.

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