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These tanks are used for emergency power applications in Data Centres.

Future-proofing the digital economy.

Healthcare, education, government, communication and trade; a selection of sectors that are undergoing further digitisation every day. Cloud storage and applications, Artificial Intelligence solutions, 5G networks, Robotics and Virtual Reality are increasingly being used throughout our society. These digital solutions are all housed in data centres and depend on the digital infrastructure. A robust digital infrastructure, underpinned by data centres, is a prerequisite for a future-proof digital economy.

Data center

A data centre is an industrial, high-security building, constructed with one purpose: to ensure that computer servers with digital applications are always running, 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. It is therefore crucial that the power supply is guaranteed at all times. To guarantee supply, standby power generators are installed, which take over in the event of a power failure. These standby power generators are fitted with a Belly Tank.

These tanks are designed to accommodate acoustic enclosures on top of the tank. The specific design of our Belly Tanks permits a weight of 80 tonnes and reduces the footprint compared to a separate stationary tank next to each housing.

Belly Tanks

Our Belly Tanks are available in all standard container dimensions, as well as bespoke dimensions to support Walk-in Enclosures.Our Belly Tanks are designed in accordance with KIWA standard BRL-K21013 and in line with EN1090 Excl 2.

The Belly Tanks all have double-wall containment, with a sloped base plate to prevent the accumulation of fuel. All connections to connect the generator set, sensors and accessories are standard and, in consultation with our engineering department, can be adapted to your needs.

Our Belly Tanks can be installed anywhere in Europe. If required, the Belly Tanks can also be fitted with heating and insulation when installed in cold regions.

When requested, an internal coating can be applied to the base of the Belly Tank, or the tank can be fully coated internally with a suitable epoxy coating to prevent corrosion and pitting.

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