100% focus on welded steel tanks and silos

Always a solution

For every need in relation to steel tanks, CTC Tankbouw has an in-house solution.

Standard possibilities

We can offer an adapted proposal with one of our standard products in accordance with a wide range of dimensions, connection possibilities and adapted coatings.

Unique and exclusive tank concept

If our standard possibilities are not sufficient, our engineers will work out a unique and exclusive tank concept. This includes all the necessary strength calculations, adapted materials choices, bespoke dimensions and shape, the right inner and outer coating etc.

Our production possibilities

Every tank is developed in full 3D. We produce tanks and silos up to 6 metres wide and 30 metres tall, with a maximum unit weight of 60 tons.

Turnkey projects

Our service provision does not end with the delivery of the tank. You can also count on us for the on-site hoisting works, installation and coupling. If you wish, we can produce matching steel stairwells and handrails.

Quality first and foremost

All our steel is of certified European origin. In addition, we work according to a strict internal quality and control system. For specific projects, we also arrange external quality audits carried out by certified auditing authorities. This takes place before the application of the inner and outer coating.

The welding works are subjected to a non-destructive examination with a view to checking the quality requirements.

Own craftsmanship

Welding, assembly, blasting and the application of the coatings take place in our own workshop. We have certified employees. With a view to swift project completion and high quality, welding and blasting is almost fully automatic.

We work with a day and night shift system, including on Saturdays, so that we can guarantee short lead times. Agreed deadlines are always respected.

Active worldwide

You can find our tanks all around the world, above all in Europe but also from Africa to the US. Our turnkey projects – whereby we also carry out installation and coupling – are limited to Europe.

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