Vitens filtration tanks Goor-Herikerberg

Rook Pijpleidingbouw (Sint Jansklooster Netherlands) is a leading company in the water purification business. Customers including Vitens, Waterbedrijf Groningen, Brabant water, WMD, etc. enjoy expert support from Rook Pijpleidingbouw.   

CTC Tankbouw supplied nine vertical filtration tanks to Rook Pijpleidingbouw, conforming to PED 2014/68/EU – EN 13445, as part of the upgrade of Vitens’ drinking water treatment plant at Goor-Herikerberg.  

Six pressure vessels have a capacity of 70,000 litres (diameter 4,100 mm), while three hold 71,000 litres (diameter 4,100mm). The pressure vessels are designed to withstand pressures of +2.3 and +5.0 barg.  

The tanks are constructed from P265GH/ P355GH steel, and coated on the outside with a single coat of primer and one topcoat.   

The tank is coated internally with Sikacor 146 DW drinking water grade coating, conforming to KIWA.  

All pressure vessels are also fitted internally with a filter plate with 828 holes for filter caps, a drainage channel and a hot-dip galvanized handrail on the top level. 

Despite the tight schedule, we completed this project successfully thanks to the amazing partnership with Rook Pijpleidingbouw.

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