Vertical processing tank supplied to Viscotech in Germany

CTC Tankbouw constructed a 39,000 litre vertical processing tank for Viscotech Germany (BRB International).

The tank is 3,500 mm in diameter, and the entire main body section is fitted with a half spiral pipe.

This spiral pipe is designed to withstand a pressure of +15 barg, at +200 °C and is built entirely in conformity with PED 2014/68/EU (Cat. III, mod. B+F).

Furthermore, the outside of the tank is coated with 2 layers of Sigmatherm 230 (resistant to high temperatures), fitted with 150 mm insulation and clad with aluminium plating.

The tank stands on a frame, and the top level is fitted with a platform for easy access to the tip.

Tank, platform and frame were delivered as a single piece.

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