Twelve filtration vessels (out of 34 in total) supplied for the Vitens Engels Werk project in Zwolle


UPDATE: CTC Tankbouw has been commissioned by Rook Pijpleidingbouw to supply a total of thirty-four vertical filtration tanks, meeting PED 2014/68/EU – EN 13445, as part of the upgrade of Vitens’ drinking water treatment plant at Engelse Werk in Zwolle.

Thirty-one tanks (pre- and post-filtration) have a capacity of 30,000 litres (diameter 2,800 mm), while three (deep water filtration) have a capacity of 45,000 litres (diameter 3,500 mm).The pressure vessels are designed to withstand a pressure of +1.2 barg.

Each tank is constructed from P265GH/ P355GH steel, and coated on the outside with a single coat of primer, an intermediate layer and one topcoat.

The tank is coated internally with Sikacor 146 DW drinking water grade coating, conforming to KIWA. All post- and pre-filters are fitted internally with a filter plate with 551 holes for filter caps, the deep-water filters with 840 holes. So far, nine pre- and post-filters and three deep-water filters have already been delivered.

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