130,000 litre filtration tank for Vitens in Holk (through ADS Groep)

CTC Tankbouw constructed a gigantic water filtration tank, commissioned by ADS Groep.

The filtration tank holds 130,000 litres, is 5,500 mm in diameter and weighs more than 22,000 kg (22 tonnes). 

The filtration tank is built in accordance with PED 2014/68/EU - EN 13445, designed to withstand pressure of +3 barg.

The tank is constructed from P355GH grade steel with a C5 powder coating applied externally.

The tank is coated internally with Sikacor 146 DW drinking water grade coating, conforming fully to KIWA.

The tank is also fitted with a filtration plate with 1,496 holes for installing plastic filter caps.

Last Monday the tank was loaded onto a boat, and then sailed off towards Vitens Holk in the Netherlands.

The tank was transferred to a lorry to cover the last few miles to the end customer. 

The actual installation also went smoothly.

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